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2014 Reunion fast approaching

Posted by Angela Hartman on March 12, 2014 at 10:05 PM Comments comments (0)

  I know it seems like the year has just started, but it is only 3 months until the annual Lewis Family Reunion. It has been going on for 80 years now. Let's celebrate those 80 years together with family. This year's reunion will be held in the same room as last year, Room B. It is large enough to fit a pretty large crowd, so lets fill it up.

  I would like to ask for any volunteers to bring something for either the auction or the raffle. It doesn't have to be something expensive. It can be homemade or hand made or store bought. Just something to help raise money. All money from the auction, raffle, and any donations goes back into the Reunion Fund to help pay for the room rental and correspondence supplies. As always, it will be potluck so if any of you have a favorite family recipe  you would like to share, we would be glad to try it. Be sure to bring the recipe as well and maybe we can get a Lewis family cookbook together for next year. We will be bringing our scanners again so if you have any family photos that you would like to share, we would love to scan them. They will not leave your sight and there is no harm to the photos.
  We love seeing everyone that comes to the reunions every year but our numbers are dwindling. We NEED to get our children interested and involved in them. There needs to be someone to carry on the traditions after we've gone. Once our generation is gone, who is going to be there to make sure the Lewis Family Reunion keeps going? Please encourage your children and grandchildren to attend. As always, I am open to any suggestions for things that might entice the younger crowd to come. The Cain Center has a Junior Olympic size swimming pool for swimming. Are there any games that you would like to see at the reunion? Maybe a theme? Something that we are not doing? We need to generate some interest. Come on, we've got 3 months to come up with some ideas.
  Please make plans to attend this year. We would love to see you all.


Posted by Angela Hartman on March 27, 2013 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Reunion 2013

Reunion 2013 is fast approaching. The date for the reunion is June 15, from 11-3pm. We hope to have at least as many attendees as we did last year. If you have never been to one of these, or if it has been a long while since  you attended, we would LOVE to have you.

  This year, we ran across a projector at a yard sale and are intending to use it this year to project the pictures onto a bigger screen. This way, you won't have to crowd around a small computer screen to see the pictures. We have also purchased a new photo scanner. We absolutely LOVE it. You place your picture against the scanner, adjust for the width, and the scanner slides the picture through it. It is so cool. It is small and portable too so we will be bringing it this year. PLEASE BRING PHOTOS TO THE REUNION! Photos we get will be posted on this website for you to view and download if you want. We have quite a few photos from Jeff Erl Lewis (Ira D Lewis's son), our side, of the family, and a few from some of the other kids. We really would like to be able to show some of the other families if we can.


Posted by Angela Hartman on June 24, 2012 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (1)

  Yesterday's Family Reunion was a big success. We had family in from as far away as California. This seemed to be one of the largest crowds that we have had in a long time, close to 40, I believe, or maybe it seemed like more because the room was smaller. Cousin Jimmy Mitchell, who said the prayer before lunch remarked that it reminded him of reunions of long ago. The food was great and the company was better. We had some that were able to give us some corrections and some new names to add to the family tree, which is always appreciated. I got to scan some photos that we hadn't seen before, thank  you so much! I think next year we may have to reserve a larger room. It was almost impossible to manuever around the chairs and tables so it was difficult to mingle. People broke off into smaller groups telling stories and catching up. I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Dale Perkins was the proud winner of the Lewis Family Tree book from the auction, Jerry Lewis again walked away with the Family Scrapbook, and Jean Hicks got the homemade jams and quilted Christmas wall hanging. Congrats to all of you.

  Some of the regular attendees were not able to make it this year, just know that you were missed. Hopefully next year we will see more family members attending. I would like to see more younger members coming as well. I was telling my mother (Jana) that in one or two more generations, it doesn't seem like there will be any more historians left. That is a shame. We need to include our children in on these family get togethers and impress upon them how important family history is. Will there be anyone getting together 20-30 years from now that will be telling OUR stories? I hope so.

  Until next post, remember, you are family and you are loved.


Posted by Angela Hartman on May 12, 2011 at 9:20 PM Comments comments (0)

The Lewis Family Reunion 2011 is fast approaching. The date is set for June 25th at the Cain Center in Athens, TX. They have an Olympic size swimming pool for those of you that would like to swim. We are hoping to have a good turnout this year. We have been trying to get ahold of as many family members as possible, through Facebook and through here. Hopefully everyone that we have contacted will let their other family members know about it. We need to get a correct email address list for everyone, have had several emails come back un-deliverable.

This year we hope to get as many people to come as we possibly can. We are trying to come up with ideas for things that will get people coming. We will have another silent auction for donated items, like last year. It seemed to be a big hit with everyone, and we made some money to help defray costs of the facility and such.

We really don't want to see the Reunions come to an end, and if our numbers keep falling off like they have been in the past few years, it will almost become cost prohibitive to continue to rent the facilities that we use to have these. Please, please plan to come this year, we would love to see you all.

If you need to find out any other information about the reunion, you can contact me, Angela Shumate Hartman at [email protected]  and put family in the subject line, or my mother, Jana Williams Shumate at [email protected]

Our Sunday Drive

Posted by Angela Hartman on August 15, 2010 at 11:21 PM Comments comments (0)

  Mama and I took a drive to visit a few cemeteries. The first one we went to was the Athens City Cemetery. Just inside the gate, on the left is the tombstone of Ira Dabney Lewis. We spent 45 minutes to an hour looking for other family members. We were able to find quite a few, both from our Lewis side of the family and also from our Williams side. A couple of them eluded us, but rest assured we WILL find them.

  Next, we took a relatively short drive to the Edom community and visited the Asbury cemetery. There we found a few more of the Lewis family, plus some of the Perry family. Sadly, I didn't get pictures of the Perry's, but I will next time, and I will have to remember to take a brush to clean off the lettering since some were difficult to make out.

  The next leg of our trip took us down the road a little bit to see where the homeplace of Ira Dabney Lewis used to be. It is very overgrown and quite a few trailer houses around the area so we didn't get out and tramp around.

  A few miles farther down the same road, we found the Lewis Cemetery. It is located on someone's property, but the cemetery itself is accessible. It is fairly small with only a handful of tombstones. I believe Mama said they were brothers or cousins of Ira. I will have to check with her and get back to you on it.

  I told her to think up some other places we can go for the next time I go up there to visit. We had fun, heat and all.

Family Reunion 2010

Posted by Angela Hartman on August 8, 2010 at 4:11 PM Comments comments (0)

  This year's reunion was a good one. If you didn't make it this year, we hope that you will be able to next year.

    We had a good turnout this year. It was held at the Cain Center in Athens, TX. There were some first-timers there and we were very pleased to see them. There have already been some that are making plans to attend next year.

    This year, we tried some new things to try to generate interest and make them fun. We had some items that were made, or donated and had a silent auction. There was a miniature lighted replica of the First United Methodist Church of Athens, that was torn down many years ago. Also auctioned off were dvds with a slideshow of old family pictures and past reunions, a quilted throw, flash drives with pictures on them, a family tree book to be filled out, two copies of our family tree, a Lewis Family scrapbook and some other nice things.

  There was talk of making Reunion 2011 our last one, due to the seemingly lack of interest in them, but there was a fair amount of opposition to this idea. We understand that it is difficult to make plans in the summer with vacations and such, but we really enjoy seeing everyone and it's only once a year, so please save the date for next year.